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Theories and Practices

The philosophy of the Bauhaus School was to bring art to the everyday experience by combining fine art aesthetics with craft products and taking advantage of industrial processes.


Virtual Art

As an art educator in a virtual school, I continue the search for an effective way to meet presentation standards by allowing students to be active in exhibiting their own art.


Visual Culture and Media:

Effects on Body Image Perception in Youth

With [an]increased exposure to visual media comes an increase in cultural influences on identity in our youth, especially regarding body image. As art educators, not only do we have the ability to help students dissect, reconsider, and “think beyond the face value of visual content” (Etherington, 2018, p. 26), it is also our responsibility.

Environmental Concerns in Youth Art

Given the recent uproar surrounding Swedish student, Greta Thunberg, on climate change, I was interested in how environmental issues are being addressed by student artists. As mentioned by Louis (2005), art education is shifting focus from “internal and individual dimensions of representational activities and towards an increasing concern with the social, political, and institutional determinants of children's experience” (p. 339).

Lily F.jpg

STEAM Approaches for Encouraging Environmental Advocacy

Graduate Capstone

This capstone research first studies the change from STEM to STEAM and the growing popularity of STEAM opportunities in educational settings. It explores the importance of including art with STEM disciplines and how the inclusion of art benefits student learning and social emotional well-being. This leads to the encouragement of students to be advocates for Earth’s environment now and in the future.

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